Four of a kind(a)

I live with my wife and two children aged 3½ years and 8 months. Living with children can sometimes be tiresome, especially when they wake up in the middle of the night crying. Either from hunger, thirst or a bad dream.

I had one of those nights, at 1:45am my daughter woke up, and was crying. First try, I got up about 1 hour after I had gone to bed, went to the childrens room and gave her the pacifier. 2 minutes later, bad idea. It seemed it was hunger, well Im a working man, so I went to bed and my wife took over. She prepared a bottle, and fed her. She then put our daughter in bed again.

5 minutes later she was still crying, popping her pacifier in and out of her mouth. Last resolution, my wife asks me “Do you want to sleep in bed with her (our daughter), or will you take the couch?”. None of us can get much sleep if we both sleep in bed with a child between us. So at two o’clock after sleeping for a maximum of 1 hour, I have to make a decision. Sleep in bed with daughter or sleep on the couch.

I took the couch.
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I am number one!!

Well, my first non-comment blog entry. I’d better make this good, its the first 20 seconds that count when reading blogs.

With some help from classy I/we got it up and running in 90 minutes (from 00:02 to 01:32) we fixed my login issue (me not reading the installation guide properly) and added mod_perl (for speed).

Sorry for the standard template on this kanelgiffel (Cinnamon roll), but the blog is less than 20 minutes old when posting this. Unless you notice that the design is not the default MT, then I probably downloaded some template or actually managed to do one myself. If this is the case I withdraw the former sorry statement.

Thanx Classy.

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