‘Silent Mobius’– Episode Nine: Tokyo Antique

Nighttime surfing sometimes bring back good and bad memories of past sites or forgotten friendships. Seven or eight years ago, I frequented a IRC channel called #Friends4Ever for awhile and met good friends like Smurf, Plym, Frieda, Jodi and JustD. At night time Jodi and I would listen to the first danish live radio stream (Netradio). A favorite was “Breakfast At Tiffanys” by Deep Blue Something – Wow listening to a Live Radio on a 28k8 modem. Those were the days. Netradio was in fact a service provided by a company called Danmark Online, now thats an antique link dating back to november 1996 – I once worked there as a webmaster/supporter.

Another thing i’ve found on my travels of the net is Mega Tokyo a cool webcomic if you’re into Manga. I think its a cool story, a tale of love (and fighting). There are great references to games and magazines. Its L33t.

More fallbacks to memory lane later on. I best go silent now.

En 8-Ball, kan give sjove svar.

Iøfgle en uerndsøeglse på Cmabrigde Uinvertisy, bteyedr det ikke noegt i hivklen rkækefløge bgotsavrene såtr i et ord, det esente vgitgie er, at det frøtse og sdiste bgosatv i odret er på de rtete padlser.

Rseten kan linge vloaypk, men du vil satdig vræe i stnad til at lsæe det. Det er frodi, den mnenesekilge hejrne ikke lesær hetvr bgotsav, men odret som en hleehd.

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Seven of Nine. The Borg = Microsoft.

Resistance is futile, you will be assimilated. Fans of the Star Trek scene that The Borg, have a singular goal – Consumption of Technology. And with the latest Microsoft thing i’m sure that the ‘think’ they are one step closer to their goal.

‘Leak-proof’ email, that can be deleted at a user specified time.

According to BBC, Microsoft will with the upcomming release of Office 2003, enable the user to prevent forwarding or printing. Even restricting who can read the email or that the email be deleted. This brings one thought to my mind, how will this work? Obviously all users of Office 2003 will be affected, but what about those that use Hotmail? Well Hotmail is a Microsoft owned service, and if this actually will be a success they’ll probably just make it work with this as well. What about those of us that doesn’t use Microsoft products to read emails? A plugin? So that all ‘restricted’ emails are nothing but an attachment that we will have to open in another window, I would rather not read that email. And what prevents people from copy’n’pasting the information to another email? Or perhaps breaking the plugin reader so that it will open any attachment, let alone print it.

Im certain this is doomed to fail.

Six plus four is 10

Top 10 Data Disasters

  • Laptop shot in anger
  • PC thrown out the window to destroy evidence before police arrived
  • Laptop fell off a moped and was run over by lorry
  • Laptop dropped in bath while doing company accounts
  • Stolen PCs rescued after three weeks in a river
  • Red wine spilt on laptop over dinner
  • Server rescued after running unchecked 24/7 for years under layers of dust and dirt
  • Computer thrown against a wall
  • Latte-covered laptop rescued
  • Laptop left on car roof as owner drives off

Source: BBC

Four of a kind(a)

I live with my wife and two children aged 3½ years and 8 months. Living with children can sometimes be tiresome, especially when they wake up in the middle of the night crying. Either from hunger, thirst or a bad dream.

I had one of those nights, at 1:45am my daughter woke up, and was crying. First try, I got up about 1 hour after I had gone to bed, went to the childrens room and gave her the pacifier. 2 minutes later, bad idea. It seemed it was hunger, well Im a working man, so I went to bed and my wife took over. She prepared a bottle, and fed her. She then put our daughter in bed again.

5 minutes later she was still crying, popping her pacifier in and out of her mouth. Last resolution, my wife asks me “Do you want to sleep in bed with her (our daughter), or will you take the couch?”. None of us can get much sleep if we both sleep in bed with a child between us. So at two o’clock after sleeping for a maximum of 1 hour, I have to make a decision. Sleep in bed with daughter or sleep on the couch.

I took the couch.
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